You’d be amazed to discover the number of players searching for new slot sites for 2023. The number is evident in players who read reviews looking for key pointers of the best new online casinos across the web. Identifying thin or scrupulous casinos is all about the more difficult task, especially if you decide to spend time trying the services they offer.

Top New Slots Sites 2023

Hunting The Best New Slot Sites For 2023

Sometimes, you’ll come across a newly launched casino that looks trustworthy or legitimate. But then, when you start going through the content published in the ‘About’ section, you realize that there’s overly promotional language. Language that is designed to get the new and inexperienced players to click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. And if you are an experienced player, once you start playing at the casino, you realize that the ‘fun’ gaming experience they promised isn’t what they have to offer.

Likewise, some of these new online casinos might be too good, but once you start going through them in detail, you discover that they are actually as good as they claim – complete with relevant problems and criticisms that you can otherwise overlook.

Just like you have to read the small print before signing a contract, you should also endevour to study and read reviews written by real players on the casino, which can be found online. This way, you’ll be fully equipped to judge if the casino is legitimate or not, and consequently build a better idea for yourself as to whether you should follow the recommendations or not.

So how does one tell trustworthy, dependable new casino sites from those operating to con you off your hard money? Is there any special formula that will enable you to pinpoint these sites with ease? These are probably some of the questions you have, and this guide will answer them – in details. This complete guide covers the following areas.

  1. A detailed explanation as to why new casino sites show up every month.
  2. Factors that you should consider when finding a reliable online casino.
  3. A list of reputable new slot sites for 2023. There’s also a section where we’ve highlighted points on how we’ve picked up these casinos too.


Sounds interesting?

Believe us, it is interesting especially given the fact that i’ve done all the donkey work for you. All the useful information regarding new slot sites is under one platform, right here. As an experienced team of casino players, we are aware of the potential risks of online casino gaming. Consequently, we want to emphasize that you be aware of the risks too and recommend that you only choose reputable sites only.

New Casino Sites show up every month. Why?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why! However, the most notable one could be as a result of the high demand for online casino gaming and improved technology. The industry has exploded in the last few years or so since the first site went live in the late ’90s. From an unconventional pass time amongst early adopters of the then – state of the art internet technology, it has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry that offers access to a range of consumer choice and modernization like never before.

Likewise, the advent of mobile technology brought about some changes in the game again and presented another shot in the arm of the online gambling sector, on its way to cementing the position that it is in today. And now, according to a report that was published more recently by Juniper Research, shows that the industry could get bigger in the coming years.

According to the company’s findings, 2019 will see the value of the industry grow to more than $900 billion, from $750 billion in 2018. In the report, the company identified that this significant growth was as a result of the continuous emergence of the new casino sites and increased demand for online casino entertainment.

Perhaps more remarkably, by 2023, Juniper’s report indicates that bets placed at online casinos could be worth as much as $1 trillion, with the number of operators expected to have increased twice as much as they are right now. This replicated the number of new markets coming on stream, in addition to enhanced market penetration from well-established brands.

Renowned analysts, such as Lauren Foye, have also added their suggestions that could be behind the growth of the industry. This include chatbots, which have the potential of driving customer and player engagement through the delivery of 24/7 players support alongside personalized offers.

What factors have contributed to the mushrooming of new slot sites every month?

1. Improved Technologies

As i’ve already mentioned, improved technologies have proven historically to be one of the main reasons behind the growth and mushrooming of new casinos every month. Furthermore, the internet, live, and mobile gaming have also had a profound impact on online casinos. Machine learning, AI and chatbots also come in play as far as improving the technologies that could easily have the same transformative impact.

2. Regulation

Regulation has also contributed significantly to the emergence of new slot sites. While some of the markets have chosen to go the other way, with Australia and Poland being good examples of jurisdictions that have decided to clampdown online casino gaming, plenty of others are pursuing an agenda of bettering their already legalized market. The UK, for example, has well-defined rules put in place to dictate how operators should carry out their businesses. Regulation has resulted into players feeling safer and more secure than in the earlier days when the online casino industry was just taking off.

3. Software Providers have also contributed immensely

Software providers, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, are on the forefront upsetting the worldwide online casino status quo. By offering live streaming services and a greater emphasis on social interaction among the players, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming are good examples of how software providers are merging the improved technologies with traditional gaming fun to make the new and future online casinos entertaining.

But the contribution of software developers is hardly exclusive to these two companies only. New slot sites for 2023 are partnering with IGT, Konami, Next Gaming, Synergy Blue and other renowned companies to employ other interactive features such as skilled gaming to immerse players from all over the world. With this wealth of options available to millions of prospective gamers, it’s no surprise why there is an increasing number of casinos online.

4. Operators look at maximizing their profits by opening multiple sites online

Are you familiar with MT Secure Limited? Or closer home in the UK, the Gala Coral Group Ltd. Casinos?Well in case you have no clue about what these two companies do, they both run reputable online casinos in the industry. The latter, especially, has been operating multiple land-based casinos before going online in the early 2000s, when the online casino industry was just starting off.

The foundation of these highly rated companies lies in their software in addition to the quality of technology behind the games and website. They’ve partnered with the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, IGT just to mention a few – all of which are renowned companies. With this partnership, they can easily open new casinos and use the already acquired licenses to offer you casino services.

But is this always the case?

You know, as far as safe casino gaming is concerned?

Unfortunately not!

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There are operators that have only been founded recently. These companies, despite having only a few sites running, seem to already have issues. While slot gaming is meant to be fun, exciting and entertaining, these operators have made it a complete nightmare to some players.

A quick look at player reviews online will reveal that there are operators who run platforms, which are characterized by shoddy dealings. Some will opt not to pay up the new player bonus, take their sweet time to process payments, sometimes use player’s information as they please or worse, refuse to pay your winnings. These operators know that they can afford this because:

  1. They already have licenses to run other online casinos. Using the same license, they quickly open up new sites to offer players the casino experience.
  2. Since they’ve already partnered with the software providers, they know they have the laxity of offering substandard services and opening a new site.

So, would like to fall victim of such rogue operators or would you rather take your time, conduct thorough research and visit sites that have already proven to have a clean track record? If you don’t have the time, you shouldn’t worry because i’ve taken the liberty to do all the hard work of trying out the sites and recommending only the best. However, if you feel that you should do it yourself, i  believe it’s important that you narrow your search to the following points.

How to identify if a new slot casino is reliable

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The ever-increasing popularity of online casinos has led to more and more people switching from the land-based casinos to the world of virtual casino gaming. This is great news for the industry, but it’s even greater news for the unscrupulous operators who seek to take your hard earned cash and run.

In the United Kingdom, the majority of online casinos are above board and offer their services under strict rules of fair play and security. This makes your experience both rewarding and safe. But how can you separate the wheat from the chaff, especially if you are new in the industry?

It’s actually not difficult when you think of it.

First, you just need to take a closer look at the website itself. Sites that look as if they were designed by an armature should raise a red flag. New online casinos that value their players will put a lot of money and thought into the design of their site. If it qualifies in this area, then you should now look at these very important features.

License and regulations

Hypothetically speaking, if you reside in Soho Lofts and you are given a choice to play blackjack at Ely’s house in Kemble or heading over to the Genting Casino, which one would you choose? Sure, Ely’s your best mate, but can you trust him to pay off in case you win a few thousand pounds?

It’s the same concept when it comes to online casino gaming. Do you want to trust your £50 or £100 slots bet with Ely or visit Genting Casino, a licensed brand in Manchester? Would the fact that Genting Casino is regulated by the UK Gambling commission make a difference?

We probably share the same predicament. You’ll occasionally find us trying new slot games online. And we will probably be betting on NetEnt or Microgaming slots from time to time. But we are a little leery about betting at sites that haven’t been licensed or regulated by the UK Gambling Commission or other reputable bodies for that case.

Why so?

By law, all new online casino operating in the UK need to have a UK Gambling Commission license. The remit of this body is to ensure fairness for players, prevent crime from gambling and most importantly, prevent underage gambling. The UK Gambling Commission works closely with other respectable bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, the Gambling Supervision Commission just to mention a few.

But why is it crucial for you to ensure that the new online casinos you visit are licensed?

Based on reviews written by players online and my experience with casinos licensed by these bodies, you are much safer and sure to get your winnings paid out.

Furthermore, there are instances where there will be a dispute at the site you choose to play at. If such a site is licensed by a reputable platform such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, you are assured of a fair representation once you raise the issue with them.

How does one validate the originality of the license of the new casino? It’s simple, visit the online casino website, and at the bottom of the page, you’ll find all the information regarding the license, including the license number. Visit the official website of the licensing body and search for the number.

“But I’m finding multiple casinos using the same license? Is this legal?”

You are probably asking yourself this question right now. If you can recall, operators are allowed to run multiple casinos using one license. Therefore, if you find that the site already has a casino that’s been blacklisted or features negative reviews among players, it’s worth taking the necessary precautions and avoid creating an account with it.

If we can bring back Ely into the discussion if he decided to recent a postal address and offer licenses for online casinos, will this change your perception and feel comfortable playing at any one of the sites he oversees?

Probably not if you had your morning coffee.

Payment options

Decisions, decisions!

So you want to select a new online casino based on the number of payment options it offers but can’t seem to get it right.

Need some help in making this critically important decision?

Don’t worry; i’ve got your back!

When sourcing yourself a legitimate online casino, you also need to look at the number of payment options it offers and the brands that it has collaborated with. This is important because some payment options will only collaborate with sites that have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are legitimate. While evaluating the site based on the number of payment options, you should ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do the UK banks support the payment options that it has to offer? Typically, the UK banks will automatically block any transaction from an unlicensed site. Therefore, if your bank supports the payment option, you can be sure that you are signing up at a legitimate site.
  • Does the casino offer handy features such as the statement feature to help you track your transactions at the casino? Legitimate platforms will always prioritize this.
  • How varied are the payment options and who has the new casino site teamed up with? If you see players such as MasterCard, VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard just to mention a few, you can be sure that the casino is legitimate

Above all, the casino’s reputation is very important, and you can’t overlook it at all costs.

Casino Reputation

Don’t just take the casino’s word for it, especially when you go over the ‘About Us’ section – dig deeper and look for comments written by other players who’ve already had the experience with these casinos. A player’s comment is usually worth so much more than what information the casino uses to market itself, more especially if it highlights the negative features of the site.

In practice, all but the top brands in the industry normally have some problems that you might want to find out about before creating an account. And the best way to clarify these downsides in your minds is by reading the user-generated comments posted online.

As a rule of thumb, the more the player ratings and user comments that support or find in a review, the more confident you can be of its recommendations. This is just one of the accurate ways of shoring up legitimate new online casinos from the questionable ones, to ensure that you are getting the best deal!

Bonuses and promotions can be awe-inspiring and a lot of fun. After all, they enable you to play longer and more on ‘the house’s money.’ And we don’t have to remind you that the more you play the slots, the higher the chances of winning! But do you know that the most important thing in bonuses and promotions offered at the new sites is knowing what to expect?

While all sites, including the new online casinos, have bonuses and promotions to offer their members, not all are genuine. Some usually have as much as $5,000 to offer but make it really hard for players to redeem the money. To do this, they usually hide the hidden unrealistic bonus specifications under the terms and conditions section.

Therefore, spare a few minutes to understand the terms and conditions, and more specifically the wagering requirements connected to each promotion and bonuses. From here, you can think whether you are likely to meet the set requirements based on your bankroll and the duration of time you are expected to play. If you do these things, then you can be sure of a fun time playing the slot games, and the only surprises that you’ll be getting are the good ones. Who knows? You might just be the next big winner!

How do we find the best new online slot casino sites?

Do you always find yourself struggling to pick the right new online slot casino site that suits your needs?

Ι get it! The internet is filled with so many bits of opinions and advice that contradicts each other, and it can get confusing – what to believe, who to trust? What criteria did they use to pick out the sites?

While winning huge payouts or the jackpot of different slot machines is mostly a matter of luck, there are strategies and things that you can observe while picking a site which offers you better winning opportunities. Therefore, choosing a new casino site based on the following features might not change your luck, but it could certainly improve your odds. At, i usually narrow my focus to the following points.

1. Number of casino providers

2. Fairness

3. Number of slots

4. Number of jackpot slots

5. Payout speed

6. Offers

7. Mobile


As far as land-based casino gaming is concerned, the majority of us are stuck with whatever is thrown at us. You have to play by the pre-defined rules because there’s little to no other option. But when it comes to online casinos, this is certainly not the case. You can easily compare and contrast hundreds of new casinos that pop up the internet each month, and indeed play at all these sites if you wish. Each of these sites has its own pros and cons, and as a player, you can dissect them and truly pick a site that best suits your gaming needs.

However, ensure that you only choose to play at sites that have all the features highlighted in this page. Only this way you can be sure that you can have a safe and secure experience and if you win, you’ll receive your winnings in cash!