Slingo Sites

If you’re a fan of slots and bingo games alike you have surely come across the term Slingo on at least one website. This term is used for a specific brand of games which are a mix between slots and bingo, thus comes the name Slingo. The first game was developed in New Jersey, USA in 1994. The founders were Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia, who interestingly enough worked in real estate at that time.

They went on an created the Slingo Inc. company which was focused on creating casino games based on this design. The company grew over time building an entire franchise of games until it was acquired by Real Networks for $15,6 million. After that the company was sold on to Gaming Reals, a London based company. They further expanded the games offer and made them even more popular. So today you can play at the best slingo slot sites for real money all across the UK.

List with slingo sites

Today there are a lot of operators which claim to be the best slingo slot sites on the market. But this is often not the case, so we came up with our own list of the best casinos that have them in their portfolio.


Where can you find slingo slots?

When these slots first appeared on the market they were available only at a limited number of operators. The main provider was, along with several other white label brands. You could also find them at the Gaming Realms platform and a few other platforms, like Dragonfish, thanks to their co-licensing policy. Today, they can be found at:

  1. Classic Slingo SitesWhen we talk about classic slingo sites we mainly refer to the casino. This was the first one focused on this type of games and they are still one of the leaders even today. But at the same time you can play at other sister sites too. In 2019 Gaming Realms decided to sell their B2C Bear Group to River iGaming. They also decided to sell their share in the River UK casino to the group.This meant that the slingo games would now be available at an even bigger number of casinos. But, unfortunately, in December 2019 the River iGaming group announced that they were leaving the UK market. This meant that the slingo games would now be banned for UK players under the Bear Group platform. So, once again, the main focus for playes is to turn to the classic slingo sites.
  2. New Slingo Sites 2020You can also find them at a lot of new slingo sites. The Gaming Reals software is available in a lot of new sites which offer the slingo games. It seems that many operators are aiming to bring something new to the market, instead of the same old games which you can play at pretty much every online casino. So many of them are turning to the platform, which is great news for all fans of these games.
  3. At Bingo SitesBingo sites are another place where you can find slingo games. It seems that bingo players are very fond of the them, since they offer a smooth transition from bingo to slots. So a bingo fan is more likely to try them first, which still have a bingo feel, rather than move on directly to slots. This is why many bingo sites add slingo games to their portfolio, in order to increase their games offer for all bingo fans.
  4. Licensees and Co-operationsThe Gaming Realms company is still working hard on creating new and exciting slingo games. They are also always looking for new ways to expand their games across the gambling community. This is why they are granting licenses to many casino operators across the world. So today you can play their games on many different platforms like Dragonfish, Ladbrokes Coral, Golden Nugget, Kindred Games and so on. The company announced that they will be expanding their licenses to more operators in the near future.