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Welcome to the thrilling world of gambling influencers where, by following someone playing slots, you can gain in-depth knowledge of the latest casino games and how to play the most popular slot machines. Other stuff you can learn includes how to play responsibly, where to find the juiciest bonuses and tips that might help you hit that life-changing jackpot.

Gambling influencers are dedicated peeps who understand how gambling works and are ready to share their knowledge and experiences of both online casinos and traditional brick-and-mortar gambling houses.

In this article, we’re turning our spotlight on Brian Christopher. He is one of these group of people, dedicated to influencer marketing. He has an army of devoted followers on his social media platforms, with whom he shares his gambling adventures on land and even on sea! That’s right, the Brian Christopher Slots Cruises are a real thing. Five or six times a year, he jumps aboard popular cruise liners and joins other seafaring punters in the ship’s casino for an entertaining session on the floating casino’s slot machines.

Oh, nelly! Who’s Brian Christopher?

Brian Christopher - Casino Influencer

Photo by Brian Christopher Slots,

With millions of views per month and over half a million YouTube subscribers from 213 countries worldwide, Brian Christopher is the uncrowned influencer king of slots. He travels the world playing his favourite slot machines, uploading at least one video every day, all year round. He holds weekly live streams for his followers and has become successful beyond his expectations.

Brian Christopher hails from Toronto, Canada. Today he is based in Palm Springs, California. Brian’s main aim is to have fun, not to win money. Winning money is secondary to his posts since the money he makes is from influencer marketing. As Brian himself wrote in the about section of his YouTube channel (called BrianChristopherSlots), ‘Win or Lose (and lose we do!), we're here to have a great time!’

In fact, his videos show both wins and losses. This authenticity defined him as an honest and trustworthy player, propelling him to the top as a social media influencer for slot machines and casinos worldwide. His social media presence, which includes Facebook and YouTube, attracts over 5 million unique viewers every month. Brian created his YouTube channel in 2006 but it was only in 2016 when he started posting gambling-related content. In fact, his first slots video dates back to April 2016. Since then, views have been increasing daily, totalling a massive 361,085,659 views as at July 2024.

To what does he owe his success?

Brian’s charisma is the secret ingredient to his incredible success. He pulls people with his genuine approach and fun vocabulary that includes words like ‘banza’, ‘beautiful’, ‘rapid fire’ and other sayings he uses to create excitement during his sessions.

The content created by Brian is not just meant to excite but also to educate his audience. New videos are published daily on his channel, all aimed at showing viewers how to have a great time with an entertainment budget.

Although he started alone in 2016, today Brian has a team of nine people backing him up, working from a small office in Palm Springs.

Promoting Smoke-free Casinos

Brian Christopher has always been a promoter of smoke-free gambling spaces and since January 2024, he stopped going to casinos that allow smoking. Through his website,, the casino influencer has been showcasing smoke-free casinos around the US with videos and live streams, creating awareness across the gambling industry.

Brian Christopher - Promoting Smoke Free Gambling

Photo by Brian Christopher Slots,

In a recent interview, Brian Christopher said that the Covid pandemic was a blessing in disguise for gamblers that do not want smoking inside casinos. He said that many casinos decided to create smoke-free environments for their patrons and given that the number of smokers has decreased substantially, this was a very welcoming change not only for gamblers but also for workers.

Using customer testimonials to support his crusade, Brian is now creating contracts that stipulate that he will stop visiting casinos that post-pandemic decide to re-introduce smoking.

Brian Christopher Slots Cruises

Land-based casinos were not enough for Brian, so he decided to set sail and do his thing from inside the belly of popular cruise liners. For his Rudies Cruises series, Brian Christopher partners with cruise ship operators and the companies that manage the onboard casinos to film slot playing sessions while sailing the Caribbean and other popular destinations.

His Slots Cruises series also features group playing. Groups of casino enthusiasts join Brian Christopher by pooling in betting money and then play a slot game together, each player taking a turn to spin the reels. If there are any winnings at the end of the session, these are split between all the participants. These group pulls provide a ton of excitement and fun for those playing and for spectators alike!

What’s Brian Christopher posting about?

The videos that populate the Brian Christopher Slots YouTube channel offer an exciting selection of gambling topics. These include:

  • Rudies Cruises – Brian plays slot machines in a cruise liner’s casino, alone or in a group.
  • Frequent live streams from different land-based casinos
  • Group pulls, with players pooling in money with Brian to enjoy playing slots
  • Biggest wins videos, showing Brian hitting the jackpot
  • Slot reviews for both online slots and traditional slot machines
  • Educational videos that explain the nitty-gritty of slots
  • Daily themes like Millionaire Mondays, Thousand Dollar Tuesdays or Get High Fridays

All of his posts enjoy thousands of views, especially from US viewers. Apart from views, Brian gets hundreds of comments from fans that show a strong sense of community. They compliment him on his videos and are always making suggestions on new content they would like to see on his channel, something that Brian seems to pay a lot of attention to.

Brian Christopher's Pop'N Pays MORE

And then he got his own slot machine! Brian Christopher's Pop'N Pays MORE is a real slot machine built by Gaming Arts, a privately-owned end-to-end gaming technology provider that produces electronic gaming machines, bingo, keno, and interactive casino promotional systems. Long known as the world leader in bingo and keno games and technologies, Gaming Arts has expanded its focus to reinventing the casino floor with an extensive library of ground-breaking video reels, including the Pop'N Pays family of games.

Brian Christopher - Pop'N Pays MORE launch

Photo by Brian Christopher Slots,

Launched on 7th July 2024 with a live premiere that streamed on YouTube from the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Brian Christopher's Pop'N Pays MORE has been designed to provide an exciting and playful game experience. Using colourful and interactive characters and symbols that 'pop' to award wins, the game features 3 progressive jackpots that can be triggered by any spin, plus thrilling free games.

Here’s a comment left by Slot Queen on the launch video of Brian Christopher’s Pop'N Pays MORE which was seen by over 17,000 viewers in real-time:

Comment left by Slot Queen on the launch video of Brian Christopher’s Pop'N Pays MORE

Brian Christopher's Pop’N Pays More Launch Video

Why do we need influencers?

In the days of ol’, if you wanted to become a painter, you would join some famous artist’s bottega and work your butt off as an apprentice. If you wanted to become a carpenter, you would seek an apprenticeship in your village’s carpenter’s shop. But that was before the internet. Today, if you want to try your hand at gambling, you look for gambling influencers who will show you the ropes through hours of YouTube footage. They’ll tell you about which games are worth spending your time on, and others that you’re better off avoiding.

People like Brian Christopher are successful because they manage to create a personalized message for their base of trusted followers.

Following someone like Brian can help you decide which slot to try next, and how to play it. Watching a live session, you will share the excitement when someone hits a win and you’ll also be able to comment or participate in a discussion. It gives you a sense of belonging, sharing your passion with others that have that same passion as yours. Being in a community of like-minded people is a great way to make new friends.

Popular online gambling influencers

A quick search for popular gambling influencers lands a list of names that offer content similar to Brian Christopher’s but delivered in a different tone of voice. So, if Brian Christopher does not really appeal to you but you still want to try following someone playing slot games, why not try one of the suggestions below?

  • Slot Queen – With over 38 million views at the time of writing and 71K subscribers, Slot Queen (Danielle) describes herself as “a mom that enjoys her getaways to the casinos playing the slots. I'll post real-life slot play that includes big wins and losses! I upload videos every day of the week and try to live stream from the casino once a week!”
  • Lady Luck HQ – The YouTube channel run by Francine and Miran Maric currently has 241K subscribers and well over 137 million views. They describe themselves as a High Limit Slot Couple and keep a chronicle of hand pays, line hits, losses and fun slot machine adventures live from Las Vegas and other gambling places around the US.
  • All Casino Action – Victor and SlotLady (Sarah Marince) take care of this incredibly popular channel which has 199K subscribers and almost 119 million views. The focus of these marketing influencers are classic games like blackjack, poker and slot machines, with daily live streams from land-based casinos in Las Vegas. They educate viewers about card games and slot machines.
  • Scott Richter (Raja) – Scott’s uber-popular YouTube channel is called ‘The Big Jackpot’ and has 382K subscribers and over 165 million views. This is what he has to say about himself: “I like to play slot machines at the casino. From Top Dollar, to Lightning Link, to Huff N' Puff, to Black Widow, to Dragon Link, and hundreds more, I play ONLY high limit slots, with bets ranging from $75 to $5000 per spin. You'll always catch me chasing that BIG JACKPOT!”
  • JFK – YouTuber personality JFK has been posting slot videos since 2013. His channel, JFK Slot Hits, enjoys over 48K subscribers and 19 million views, with posts that focus on gambling responsibly. This is how he describes his channel: “My name is JFK and my channel is all about slots machines.  Knowing when to cash out, knowing when to walk away after receiving hand pays, large cash-out tickets, knowing when to quit when the slots are not paying. Game responsibly...”
  • Casinodaddy – The Casinodaddy channel has 80K subscribers and 53.6 million views. It is run by three brothers from Sweden who take turns to keep the channel active with daily live streams, seven days a week. The brothers stream high-stakes slots and casino game footage in which they play with real money on different online casino websites.

How effective are influencers really?


Photo by

In an August 2021 survey of internet users in leading online markets, found that 14 percent of adults in Great Britain thought that celebrities, sports stars and influencers were effective at promoting gambling products. In comparison, only eight percent of the respondents in Poland thought gambling influencers were effective.

The percentage may not look like much, but hey, the global influencer marketing value is estimated at being around US$13.8 billion (as at end of 2021) – and 14% of that is a big piece of the cake.

Brian Christopher Slots

Photo by Brian Christopher Slots,

Social Gambling. Is it the future of slots?

The most popular video on Brian Christopher’s YouTube channel is a Group Pull session posted in January 2018. The video shows 8 people pooling $500 each for a total of $4,000. They played two slot machines, Crazy Money Deluxe and Lightning Link putting $2,000 in each one and took their time watching the reels spin. The session is super fun to watch, with the participants going home with $45 extra in their pockets.

Here's what Nick Neal posted in the comments below the video:

“I enjoy watching this so much more than actually spending my own money.”

What do this comment and the fact that the video got over 3.7 million views tell us?  Well, for starters, it shows that the social aspect of gambling in a group is something that people really love. The outcome isn’t really that important, because from the comments you can immediately understand that what people liked about this particular video is the excitement and the thrill shared by those eight gamblers.

Many companies are tapping into the social aspect of gambling. A new product called LiveSpins for example has created an opportunity for casino players to bet behind their favourite streamers during live sessions. Is this the future of online gambling? I truly believe it is, but we will have to see.

Will you be influenced?

In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at gambling influencers and why they exist, with a deep dive into the virtual world created by Brian Christopher. The strong sense of community among Brian’s followers and his genuine attitude to have fun swept us away. Why don’t you take a look at his content and see if you like it the way we did?


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