Independent Slot Sites

Independent slot sites are operators that use their own platform. The first thing you should know about these casinos is that they’ve invested a lot more than ordinary white label casinos. Usually at independent slot sites players can find a bigger number of slot games, better bonus promotions and higher withdrawal limits.

You see the process of setting up an online casino can be done in two ways. The first is to go with a white label option, where a company set’s up everything you need and gives you a fully functional online casino. But this option comes with certain fees which the operator needs to pay the white label company for life. Setting up independent online casinos is a much more costly and lengthily process, since the operator needs to acquire all operating licenses and set up the entire casino operation. But the plus side is that the casino is independent and they can choose to manage their business as they see fit.

List With Independent Slot Sites

Are there any new independent casinos?

Today most new online casinos prefer to go with the white label option. This way they get a working casino site in no more than 4 weeks and can start accepting players and real money deposits. As we mentioned earlier it’s also the less costly option for a new startup, so it’s no wonder why most new online casinos today are white label ones.

But from time to time we can see new independent casinos go live. We have to mention that in today’s industry this is a big risk. The operator will need to spend a lot of money in order to get the necessary licenses and set up the casino platform. Not to mention the daily costs of running the casino and creating a successful marketing strategy. But those operators who are serious in making a breakthrough on the market and are in it for the long haul decide to go online as a new independent casino.

Advantages of independent slot sites

In general independent online casinos have a lot more to offer to players than white label ones. This is so simply because the white label solution is limited to what the company providing it has in its offer. If something is not there you can’t just simply ask them to add it. It’s much more complicated than that. So some of the biggest advantages independent slot sites have over white label ones are:

Unique slots

The slots offer at independent online casinos in most cases is much better and diverse than at white label ones. This is so because as a standalone operator you can easily get in touch with any software provider and ask to add their games to your site. This way a good standalone casino can have thousands of casino games in their offer coming from a big number of software providers.

More personalized offers

Bonus promotions are another big advantage to playing at independent gambling sites. These casinos usually have much better bonus promos in their offer. This is simply a result of the casinos strength and their confidence. Any strong standalone casino is not afraid to offer their players generous and favorable bonus promotions. They know that this will make the players happy and spinning at the casino, despite the risk of many players cashing out from the promos.

Dedicated customer support

You have surely noticed that when you play at white label casinos or at some group of casinos the operators name is the same at all of the casinos. In fact you are talking to the same operator at all of the casinos. All white label casinos have a single support team which operates all of their white label brands. So sometimes it can be pretty hard to get in touch with an operator and sort out your query. On the other hand stand alone casinos have a dedicated support team for that casino only. This ensures that every player will be served as fast as possible and that their query will be resolved in minutes. This way you can get to playing your favorite games right away.

Good VIP programs

Most standalone casinos have a very attractive VIP program. Since they are a strong operator they can afford to allow their most loyal players the perks of being a VIP. While at most white label casinos you can get better points conversion and better bonus promos, independent casinos have much more to offer. Some of them offer their VIP players free trips around the world or even expensive gifts like a brand new car. And we’re not talking about a Honda Civic here, cars in the range of a Porche or Lamborgini.

Faster Payouts

Yes, at most standalone operators players can enjoy faster payouts. White label casinos usually have a 48 hours or more payout timeframes. This is so because the payments team manages a big number of brands, so they can often be overwhelmed with work. At standalone casinos on the other hand the payout requests are checked as they come in. This is why many standalone casinos can offer their players instant payouts. So if you are using an e-wallet account it can take only a few minutes for your withdrawal to be processed and for your winnings to arrive on your account. This is one detail which many players value the most at standalone casinos.