High Limit Slots

High rollers at land based casinos tend to have a liking for three games. You’ll occasionally find them playing blackjack, baccarat or craps for one main reason. The house edge in these games tends to be low.

However, when playing online, slots also tend to be included in the list of games preferred by high rollers. This is because slots online tend to pay a little bit more than they usually do at the physical land based casinos. Furthermore, with the high limits slots, the high rollers can afford to take a big risk, stake big and have a chance at scoring big. The ability of staking big in anticipation for big returns is very common in gambling.

Now, don’t get it twisted, we are not hinting or suggesting that you should rip through your bankroll (like the high rollers) in order to bring in a few dollars. We are simply saying that there are high limits online slots that pack a serious punch in terms of payout potential.

On this page, we are going to take you through these high limit slots. We will look at some of the best high limit slots to play, why you should play them as well as a few tips to consider before playing them.

What Are The Best High Limit Slots To Play?

There are thousands of online slots, most of which promise you lucrative returns when you stake big but fail to deliver unwaveringly. They could be anything from Safari themed slots, Irish themed slots, Branded slots etc. We’ve played a number of these games but from the samples that we’ve tried so far, none beat these as far as risk and reward is concerned. These are titles that you can stake big and expect high rewards!

  1. Pharaohs Fortune– IGT ($3000 per spin)
  2. Great Blue – Playtech ($2000 per spin)
  3. Genie Jackpots – Blueprint ($500 per spin)
  4. 40 Super Hot – EGT ($2400 per spin)
  5. Sizzling HotNovomatic ($200 per spin)

What Exactly Are High-Limit Slots?

This is usually an open end question and has different answers depending on two perspectives. When you refer to high limit slots, you could be meaning any one of the following categories:

  • Slots with high betting limits: These are slots that are mostly preferred by high rollers and have a provision for high betting limits for any spin. For instance, if you take a look at Playtech’s Piggies and the Wolf, it tends to have a maximum bet limit of €2,500 per spin. This is much higher compared to the average bet limit of €100- €200 for most of the slots. When you look at some of these high limit slots, you’ll also realize that they tend to have high minimum bet limits
  • Slots that pay out significant amounts of cash: It goes without saying that as far as life is concerned, high stakes deserve high rewards. So, when you are talking about high limit slots, you could also be referring to slots that pay out significant amounts of cash. These games have paytables with symbols that reward generously, with even their low paying symbols paying out hundreds of Euros. A good example of a slot game in this category would be Ghosts of Christmas, which pays out 10,000x your bet for landing five symbols on the reels.

Is It Better To Play High Limit Slots?

The biggest romour or misconception about playing slots is that you have to play or bet big in order to win big. Well, in some sense, there’s some truth in this statement. However, it is usually not the case. As you play slot games, there are so many factors that come into play in determining how much money you’ll receive. Slot volatility, RTP, and the hit frequency a game should be considered before deciding whether or not to play a game.

Are High Stakes Slots Worth It?

High stakes slots are definitely worth it, but only if you play responsibly. Remember, not every spin of the reels will guarantee you a win. It’s therefore important that you always play to have fun and have the wins come in as a supplement. Even if you plan on playing with a huge bankroll, it’s usually advisable that you have a proper bankroll management system, which will enable you play for as long as you can.

Do High Limit Slots Have Better Odds?

Not quite! As we’ve already stated, there are several factors that determine the payout of the slot game, which in turn affect the game’s odds. Here are some of these factors:

  • Slot volatility: High limit slots with a high volatility tend to pay out more often than those with a low volatility. You may come across a penny slot with a high volatility paying out more than a video slot game with several bonus rounds, multipliers and other in-game features
  • The RTP figures: The RTP of a slot game is an acronym for Return to Player percentage. It’s a theoretical figure that’s usually expressed as a percentage and used to indicate the expected return over a certain number of spins. It affects the odds of a game in that a game with a high RTP will tend to pay out more than that with a low RTP.
  • Hit Frequency: The hit frequency of a slot game affects how many times the slot is bound to stop on a winning combination over a number of spins.

Land Based Slots Work Slightly Different

However, when it comes to the land based slots, there’s an interesting theory, which tends to support the fact that high limits slots might have higher payback percentages after all. This basis of argument held water especially when the 3-reel slots ruled the land based casino floors and it is still true today when the vast majority of games are modern day video slots.

Dollar slots have a higher payback percentage than the quarter slots, which also have a higher percentage than the nickel slots that pay higher when compared to penny slots. However, this doesn’t mean that everybody should rush out and start spinning the dollar slots. You should at least consider some of the factors mentioned above as they also tend to also affect the payback in these slots.

Are high limit slots looser?

Even in pure dollars and cents, when you choose to play high limit slots, it means big bets and more risk. For instance, if you choose to spend $5 on a five-coin slot machine with a 95% payout, the average losses that you incur are bound to be more than those you’ll incur spending 40c on a 40-line 1c game with a 86% payout.

Dos and Don’ts When Playing High Limits Slots

Just because there is no high limits slots that can guarantee you wins with ever spin doesn’t mean there are no ways for you to pick high limits slots, which will ensure that you have a good time. Below are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to picking or playing the high limit slots.

Do Look For Your Favorite in-game and bonus Features

As you search for your next favourite high limit slot, ensure that you pay extra attention to the game’s in-game features and bonus rounds. This is especially important for those of you who frequently play slots. Instead of settling down for the usual wild symbols, search for a slot game with extraordinary wild overlays or shifting wilds. Perhaps you only want a game that’s simplistic in nature, in which case you should go for the classic slots.

Do Look for a Game that Fits Your Imagination

Do you know that there’s a 99% chance that whatever theme you’d like to find in a slot game is available online? Whether you are a big fan of fairy tales, TV show, adventures, food shows, fishing, sports or music themed slots, there is more than a handful of slot games online for you!

It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 slots online and almost as many themes as the number. Even though there are themes that get more attention that others, especially those related to Leprechauns, Gold, Egyptian treasures and adventure, there are more than enough themes for everyone. Are you doubting? Think of a theme, then Google “chinese themed slots”!

Do Play Graphically Appealing Slots

Ensure that you spin the reels of games that you find appealing, because at the end of it all, casino gaming is all about fun times. There’s no denying the fact that we all want to win some cash, but bear in mind that luck plays a very big role in the wins. Therefore, if you are not winning, at least you are guaranteed of having a good time playing!

Do Your Research before Playing

It is a written law, never shoot in the dark when it comes to playing any casino game, including slots. It is always advisable that you read the review of the game that you’d like to play before playing it. Find all the information regarding the game, including the RTP, volatility, and the paytable. Then take the game for a test through the demo version before committing any real cash. This way, you’ll avoid betting your hard earned cash on a slot game that turns out to be the total opposite of what you were expecting.

Do Have A Bankroll

A bankroll, to those who are new to online slots, is simply the budget or amount of cash you intend to spend in one sitting. Ask any successful slots player and they’ll tell you the secret to winning is playing within your bankroll and being willing to lower the bets or stop playing once you’ve reached the limit even when you are winning.

Don’t go broke trying to chase casino bonuses

Seen as the basis of the online casino industry, online casino bonuses and promotions are a way of ensuring that you get back more for the time spent at the online casinos. Even though this statement is true, it does not mean that you play above your limit. Don’t spend too much trying to fulfill the bonus requirements playing the games even if you are on a losing spree.

Don’t spend All Your Money on Progressive Slots

High limit slots that have progressive jackpots tend to pay out less often. As such, most players tend to have cold streaks, and never end up winning amounts close to what they’ve spent, leave along the progressive jackpot.

Don’t Chase Your Losses

The worst mistake that you can make as you play high limit slots or other slots for that matter is chase after your losses. Slot games are usually random games that you’ll never be assured of winning anything. So it’s never advisable to dip into your pockets forking out cash that you cannot afford to lose when playing slots. In fact, its advisable to quit while you are a head.

Take Your Time Picking High Limit Slots

As we wind up on this high limits slots guide, we can say that picking a high limit slot may take you a considerable amount of time. But this is only reasonable given the number of online slots games available. When there are several thousands of games to pick from, it’s only natural that we hesitate when we are trying to pick out a game for the first time. Nonetheless, with all the information included above, you are better off than the player who will randomly pick a slot game. If you put these factors into consideration, you’ll not only save your nerves and time, but also the amount that you’ll spend playing these games.