Slot Sites With Bonus

Ask any savvy player who’s been at the online casinos for years and they might just shed some light on why they are so successful. And there are plenty of reasons too – varying from being cautious with your money to picking specific games over others. However, there’s one secret that stands out, especially when playing slots at the online casinos. This secret is none other than capitalizing on special bonuses for slots and other promotions.

Slot sites with bonus offers have plenty to put on the table. From welcome packages – which are awarded to new members – to reload offers for returning players, there’s plenty to pick. And there are plenty of brands that let you enjoy these freebies, including the ones listed below.

To ensure that our readers (including you), have made the most out of these gifts from the slot sites , we’ve prepared this handy guide for you.

List of Slot Sites with Bonus (2022)

What Is A Casino Bonus?

A bonus is simply free cash that you are awarded while playing at the casino. The free money is only limited to online slot sites, and you’ll hardly find any land-based offering you the same. This is one of the reasons why you are usually advised to play at the online casinos instead of the land based establishments.

Given that there are hundreds of slot sites, there are a multitude of bonuses that you are bound to benefit from. Yet, despite the variety, they are broadly classified under two categories:

  • The Cashable: This type allows you to claim and redeem both the free cash, as well as the winnings resulting from it
  • The Non-cashable: This type of promo allows you to only withdraw the winnings resulting from it and not the free cash itself

Knowing how to pick the best deposit casino bonuses and other offers on the internet is crucial in maximizing your winning chances. And while there are hundreds of them, the ones listed below cut across the industry. Read on to identify them and what you stand to benefit from each one.

Special Bonuses for Slots

They are referred to as special bonuses for slots because most of them are used to play slot games. Online casinos will give you free cash, and limit it to playing certain slot games. Each one of the free cash and offers works differently, which consequently impacts your bankroll differently at the end of the day. Read on and discover how your bankroll will be affected, especially in terms of cash that you will receive.

Welcome Packages

This is the most common form of incentive that you’ll come across at the casinos. As you search for the best sites for slots bonus, there’s a high chance that you’ll see the word ‘Welcome Package’ splattered all over the internet.

So what exactly is this welcome package?

In the simplest definition, it’s a bonus that’s awarded to ‘welcome’ you to the casino. It can come as a package or in a singular form but most of the online slots sites will award it in the form of a package i.e., free spins and free cash. The latter is usually awarded in the form of a deposit offer for the initial deposit that you make at the site. Across a multiple of online casinos, the free money is awarded for the subsequent deposits i.e., the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th deposit made, depending on the site’s promotional details.

Let’s have a closer look at each one of the deposit offers above in details.

50% Casino Bonus

A 50% casino bonus ensures that you receive 50% extra cash for the deposit you make. As already stated, it could either be part of the first deposit or a recurring deposit.

For instance, if casino X offers you a 50% casino bonus for your deposit, up to €100, you need to deposit a maximum of €200 to receive the full amount.

100% Casino Bonus

This is the most common form of welcome offer that you’ll come across at the slot sites. Basically, what this offer is awarding you is a 100% extra cash for the deposit that you make at the casino.

For instance, if you look at Casino, at the time of writing this, they have a 100% welcome offer for new players up to a maximum of €333. This means that you need to make a maximum deposit of €333 to claim the full amount of €333.

150% Casino Bonus

Just like the outgoing bonuses, you’ll receive a 150% extra cash for the deposit that you make at the casino. So, for instance, if it is capped at a maximum of €100, you’ll need to make a maximum deposit of €66.66 to receive the money. Nobody likes working with decimals, so it’s rare to come by this form of promotion.

200% Casino bonus

This is also a fairly popular one at the online casinos and it ensures that you get twice the amount that you deposit at the casino. For example, a 200% casino bonus capped at €100 requires you to make a €50 deposit to receive the free cash.

300% Casino Bonus

You are awarded a 300% casino bonus for your deposit. For instance, if the free cash is capped at a maximum of €100, you’ll need to deposit only €33.33 to claim the full amount. Again, given that there are decimals involved, most of the online casinos try to avoid offering such.

400% Casino Bonus

By now you’ve perhaps gotten the hang of it. Like the outgoing bonuses, the 400% casino bonus ensures you get 400% extra cash for your deposit. So, if the casino has a 400% offer, capped at €100, you have to deposit only €20 to claim this.

Huge Casino Bonus (500% – 600% and more)

It’s referred to as a huge slot bonus for a reason – you are awarded the cash in huge sums. As such, only a handful of online casinos can afford to offer this type of offer. VIPs and the high rollers or high spenders are bound to benefit mostly from this simply because the terms to redeeming the money are usually very high. This makes it difficult for the regular player to claim it.

No Deposit Bonuses and Bonus Codes

No deposit promos and bonus codes are perhaps the most sought after form of offers and coupon codes on the internet. And it’s not difficult to see why! The bonuses ensure that you get free cash and the codes help you to claim the bonus on offer.

In the simplest definition, no deposit is an amount based offer, which as the name suggests, doesn’t require you to make any deposit. This form of offer can assume different forms including free cash or free spins, depending on any one of the following reasons why the casino is offering it.

  1. As part of a welcome offer
  2. As part of a promotion, trying to promote a new or popular game
  3. As part of a prize for a given casino promotion

It therefore goes without saying that if you come across a mobile no deposit bonus, all you need to do is claim it and wager it.

Freespins – Keep What You Win Offer

‘Get your 100% casino bonus + 50 free spins’

‘Click to claim your free spins’

‘Unlock your free spins here’

You’ve probably come across such advertisements either on the internet or through emailing services. But what exactly do they mean?

The type of spins mentioned above are pretty much the same as the free spins – keep what you win offer. They are awarded to you as part of a promotion (welcome package offer or when promoting a new game). When you claim them, you get to spin the game the specified number of times free of any charges. The best part about it, you get to keep all the winnings, without having to meet any wagering conditions.

Match Bonus

A match casino bonus is basically meant to enable you to double your wallet’s value. This is possible as the casino gives you a certain percentage of your deposit in the form of bonus cash. It can be part of a welcome or reload package.

Mega Reel – Loot Chest Bonus

These are very rare and unique promotions that you’ll come across online. We call them ‘rare and unique’ as they are mostly limited to Jumpman slot sites.

What do you stand to benefit from these exceptional bonuses?

  • The mega reel promo lets you claim up to 500 spins after spinning the mega reel. The free spins awarded are game specific – which means you can only use them on selected slot games
  • Through the loot chest promo, you need to sign up at the Jumpman casino, open the loot chest and see how lucky you’ll be. The prizes to be won are free spins, which range from 10 – 500.

Cashback Bonuses

They aren’t as common as the other bonuses discussed above and are usually fueled by two factors;

  1. When you lose money playing at the online casinos
  2. 2. When you spend a certain amount of cash as specified in the terms and conditions section

The way Cashback bonuses work is that you are awarded a certain percentage of money back depending on the promotion. So, for instance, if the casino has a 10% Cashback promotion on all the losses incurred while playing slots or other games after one week, your account will be credited with 10% of all the money you lost. If it’s 10% on €1000 spent within a day, €100 will be credited to your account as soon as you’ve achieved the target.

What’s the beauty of this promotion? Besides the fact that you are getting back part of the money spent, you can also withdraw or use the amount as you please (at least for most of the online casinos). Because of this, not so many online casinos will offer the free cash, so it’s important that you consider it as a good opportunity to seize it when you come across the offer.

Join a Loyalty Club

Why? Because it is one of the best ways of making the most out of the casino’s bonuses and promotions! Some of the best slot sites– such as the ones listed on our page – have tons of VIP casino offers, promotional offers, cash backs and plenty more. All you need to qualify for these freebies is simply sign up and meet the stipulated requirements, which could range from spending a given amount of cash, making a certain minimum deposit among others.

Through these regular VIP casino bonus offers and other rewards, you’ll find it much easier to win while playing slots and other games. Most importantly, you’ll get to earn points as you play the real money games, which you can redeem for awesome prizes and more cash!


So, basically, we’ve discussed what a casino bonus is and stated the most common types of best online slots bonuses at UK casinos. It’s imperative that you remember these bonuses have several benefits, especially when claimed and used wisely. And in order to make the most out of them, always ensure that you’ve gone through the full terms and conditions. This is the only way that you will avoid any disappointments.


Why Do Casinos Give Bonuses?

They mainly dish out bonuses to attract new players to their platforms through the welcome bonuses, and mobile casino real money no deposit bonuses. In order to retain these players, the casinos will offer other recurring bonuses such as reload bonuses, Cashback and many more.

Which Casino Bonus Is The Best?

There’s no casino bonus that is considered better than the other – writing from an experienced point of view. What matters most is how you use the bonus to your benefit. And if you are looking to boost your winning chances, you need to take a closer look at the bonuses, taking into consideration the following aspects.

Wagering Requirements

We’ve mentioned this word severally, but what exactly is it? Well, it refers to the amount that you have to spend in real money before you can make a withdrawal At the casinos, wagering requirements are usually denoted using a x(and a number) i.e., x20, x30, x50 etc. It goes without saying that the best are the ones with low wagering requirements.

For instance, some casinos may offer you a €20 bonus with a x50 wagering requirement, while others may offer you the same amount of money but with a x30 wagering requirement. The latter is undoubtedly the best to opt into.

Expiry Dates

Like any free product, casino bonuses tend to have expiry dates. Once you’ve opted in the promotion, you have to meet the set requirements within a stipulated time lest you lose out on the perks.

The best ones are those that have low wagering requirements, which you can meet within a reasonable time. It’s unrealistic to have a €5,000 bonus, which expires after one week and has a x50 wagering requirement on it. For a high roller, meeting such terms within that short time won’t be much of a big deal. But if you are a casual player, this won’t make any sense at all.


First deposit and reload bonuses are usually tailored for use on slot games. But not all games. They are game specific – meaning you can only use them to play certain slots. A good bonus should therefore cover some of the popular slots.

For instance, Target Slots Casino will offer you 500 free spins on NetEnt’s popular slot Starburst. It is a good deal given that Starburst has a very high payout, which you can win using these free spins.

Free Bonus Codes

You’ve probably heard or read about mobile casino bonus codes. At the advent of the online casino industry, every online casino used to have its own unique mobile casino bonus codes. However, as competition became rife, most of the casinos had to drop them in favour for the more direct approach of offering the slots first deposit bonus to anyone who signs up at their platforms. Still, there are online casinos that use the mobile casino bonus codes and in our opinion, this shouldn’t be the case.

Should Be Available to All Players

Last but not least, the best UK slot sites should make it possible for anyone to claim and use the bonuses. Of course the UK players could be given a priority if they are the main target, but the casino should also enable players from other countries to claim these offers.

How do you redeem a casino bonus?

So, you’ve signed up at an online casino, and received the bonus offer. To the experts, this is an easy and straightforward task. For the newbies, it could be a daunting task, especially given that different online casinos have different approaches to the redeeming process. However, the best and recommended way to redeem the bonus is as follows:

  1. Log into your newly created account
  2. Visit the promotions page
  3. Look at the available promotions and read through the terms and conditions
  4. Opt into any one of the offers that suits your preference(s)