Secrets To Winning On Slot Machines

When you start playing online, one of the first things you want to know is whether there are some secrets to winning on slot machines.

You can find a lot of articles across the internet on how to win on slots and slots secrets on specific games, but the reality is that most of them are just pure…???

Slots are games of chance not games of skill.

So the only thing which affects the outcome of the spin is luck. You can hit a bonus round on the first spin and win big or play hundreds of spins and go bust. Slots are run by a Random Number Generator which ensures that all payouts are random and can’t be affected in any way. You can see here how do slot machines work.

So when it comes to secrets to winning on slot machines all you can rely on is your luck.

Let’s take a look at some myths about online slots which can be confirmed and others which are just myths.

Casino Slot Machine Secrets

These myths are some common sense pointers which every experienced player will tell you are important when playing slots. Just follow them to improve your chances of making a profit in the long run.

  1. Try New Slot SItes

    Every experienced player will tell you that one of the secrets to winning on slot machines is to try out new slot sites. But this isn’t a secret on the slots themselves, but rather about the casino. You see, when a new casino opens up the chances are that in the first few months they will have a big number of new players.

    In return this means that at any time there will be a big number of players playing the slots. This is the time when the slots pay on a more regular basis since there’s a lot of money going in and out of the casino. If you’re among the lucky players you can win big without the help of any secrets to playing slots.

  2. Play with pure cash only

    One of the biggest perks to playing at online casinos are bonus promotions. You can make a small deposit, claim a deposit bonus for slots and have enough balance to try more games or play on higher bets from the start. But what happens when you hit a big payout from the very start?

    Well, any experienced player will tell you that you have a big chance of going bust before you can meet the wager. When it comes to casino slot machine secrets this is the biggest one. If you can afford to play with pure cash only. You can withdraw all of your winnings whenever you like and in the long run you will have a bigger profit.

  3. Hunt for no deposit bonuses

    The best secrets to playing slots and winning big are to play with the casinos money. This is why you always need to take advantage of every no deposit bonus you come across. You never know when you can withdraw from a no deposit bonus, no matter how small it is. You can easily make a $50 to $100 withdrawal from a no deposit bonus and invest that money at another online casino as a pure deposit.

  4. Avoid Progressive Slots

    That’s right, this is something every experienced player will tell you to do. Progressive slots, especially jackpots, usually have a high variance and a lower RTP value. This means that you will need to invest a lot of money in the game and you may not win anything decent in return. So the casino slot machines secrets also involve the fact knowing which games to play and which ones to avoid.

  5. If you play with a bonus avoid a Sticky Bonus

    Sticky Bonuses are the least favorite among online players and can only damage your game play in the long run. This is especially true for bigger deposit bonuses. Let’s say you make a $50 deposit and claim a 400% bonus, which is $200. In the end you meet the wager and are left with a $500 balance. The casino will take the $200 of bonus money and you will only get $300 in return, which is a profit of only $250. So in reality you just lost $200 because you claimed a Sticky Bonus.

Myths about Slots that don’t work

Now let’s go over some common myths about online slots which are just pure nonsense. These myths most definitely don’t work and won’t help you win while playing slots.

  1. Play loose slots to win

    Yes, one of the biggest tricks to win at slot machines is to play loose slots.

    Strangely enough no one knows which slots are loose and at what time!!!

    The only way to know if a slot is loose or not is to have some magical powers and see into the future. If you do have this magical skill then don’t play slots. Play the lottery and win millions of dollars in one go.

  2. Play at the maximum bet size

    This is a common statement which you will find on many sites when it comes to secrets to playing slot machines. And yes this is true, you can win big while playing at max bet. Hitting a $50,000 payout on max bet is a big win, sure enough. But, while shelling out $200 per spin guarantees a big win, if you have the money to play on those bets why are you gambling?

  3. Using a betting strategy will help you win

    Well not really. It doesn’t matter on which bets you are playing and what strategy you use. You can play 5 games on minimum bet for 100 spins and win nothing or you can play one game on $1 bets and win big. It doesn’t matter how much money you have nor the bets you put in. I’ve won $400 on a $0.10 cents bet and I’ve lost $500 playing on $1 bets. When a game pays it pays, regardless of the strategy you use.

  4. Manage your bankroll and win every time

    This is one of the biggest slot machine secrets exposed. It doesn’t matter how you manage your bankroll, it won’t affect the outcome of the game. For example if you have a $100 bankroll you may think that playing on $1 bets will guarantee a bonus round and maybe a big payout. But you can lose very easily. On the other hand you can play 20 spins on $5 bets and hit a bonus round early on and win big. It all depends on the mood of the game and your luck whether you will win or lose.

  5. Play slots based on the variance

    This is another one of slot machine secrets exposed. A game variance is only luck. A low variance slot can eat away your balance the same way a high variance slot can. In the end the only difference is that you will play a little longer on a low variance slot, because of the frequent small wins it produces.

The “Take The Money & Run” Strategy

Over the years I’ve come to know that there is only one 100% proof winning strategy on slots. That’s to manage your gambling budget wisely and “Take your winnings and Run!”

Don’t do it like the lad at the Οcean’s 11. You ‘ll get busted!!

This strategy requires you to have strict control and to play only to make a profit. You can’t get caught up in the excitement and start chasing your losses or some massive wins. It’s all about being calm and playing with a cool head. The strategy is very simple.

First you need to determine a daily or a weekly gambling budget. Say you set a daily budget of $50. You make a deposit at a casino and win $200. This is enough to get your money back and still have $150 in profits. You can use your profits to play again for the following 3 days.

If you manage to win $150-$200 from your deposit withdraw immediately. It’s better to make small withdrawals frequently, rather than chase some massive payout and go bust.

At the end of the week or month tally up your winnings and see what the end balance is. If you’re in profit enjoy your winnings, if you’re in the red take a break for a week. Your luck is bound to change and you can try the slots again next week.

Thats it!

Let’s get back to business!!

Time to play some slots.