Paypal Slot Sites

Do you know what the next big thing to enhance your slots experience online is going to be?

My bet is that it’s going to be playing at slot sites that accept PayPal!

In an industry that’s similar and in some cases crisscrossing paths with the mobile and regular online gambling, slot sites that take PayPal are in plenty and as a payment method online is flourishing.

Just like the slot games online, there are:

Hundreds of slot sites that accept PayPal

There are bonuses available for new and returning players who use PayPal

Best Paypal Slot Sites

  1. Casiplay Casino
  2. Plush Casino
  3. Fruity Casa
  4. Fortune Mobile
  5. Deluxino
  6. Yako Casino
  7. Spin Hill
  8. Avenger Slots
  9. Funcasino


However, one factor that separates PayPal sites from the others is that it’s a new form of payment option when compared to the traditional credit/debit methods. Player’s who’ve never used this form of payment method before can sometimes be a little hesitant to get on board using it as a payment option at the casino. This is even made worse if you’ve never played at an online casino before. The truth is that what’s holding most players back is the fear of the unknown.

But did you know that gambling in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world couldn’t be any easier as it is right now? If you are afraid of signing up at uk slot sites that take paypal, our detailed guide is here to try and convenience you otherwise. You’ll find information pertaining:

  • Why and how to choose the best slot sites that use PayPal

  • Where to play slots with paypal

I’ll also be introducing you to some of the main advantages associated with slots pay by PayPal. Don’t mistake them with shortcuts to ‘automatically winning big’ or recipes for success. Instead, these are the advantages that you get for choosing it  as a payment method over other options. They include:

  • Excellent welcome bonuses

  • Wide selection of slots

  • Easy deposits – quick withdrawal

Introduction to PayPal Slot Sites

First up, it’s important if we were reading from the same page about what PayPal Casino gambling is all about. The definition is a pretty straightforward one: it’s any online casino website that allows you to make withdrawals and deposits using it  as a payment method. It is an electronic wallet (eWallet), which is supported in more than 100 countries globally. Other than that, PayPal slot sites are just normal casinos.

If you want to play at the PayPal slot sites, you won’t come across any special slot games to make it unique. In fact, a frequent promotion or bonus looks like any standard bonus that you’ll be awarded at the casino. The best PayPal slots sites offer deposit bonus offers, free spins and more any time you use it as your preferred method of payment.

Why and how to choose a casino that accepts PayPal?

If you are aboard and think that depositing and withdrawing at the casino using MasterCard and VISA is so passé, then it’s about time you hop onto the PayPal train.

All the experienced players and cool kids are doing it, why not??

It happens to be one of the largest alternative payment methods (APMs) online, and it has widely been accepted in casino gaming. If you know of Skrill and Neteller, we believe you agree with us on this. As soon as you see the seal of approval at a UK Casino Site, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

The sign means that the site has certified that it has all the safety and security measures. It has jumped through multiple safeguarding hoops to get it on their platform. Therefore, the logo itself is a comforting sign.

Beyond the logo, you’ll need to look at plenty of other factors when choosing a site before you play slots with paypal. These factors revolve around:

  • Bonuses and offers

  • Security features

  • Slot selection

  • Customer service

  • Times of payout

  • Mobile compatibility and ease of use

If you don’t mind, let’s take a closer look at each one of the factors above.

Paypal Casino Bonus

One sure sign that you are playing at one of the best online slots real money PayPal sites is a reasonable welcome bonus offer. Ideally, this would come with a match deposit bonus, perhaps a no deposit bonus, a couple of free spins and friendly terms and conditions thrown in for good measure too. Now that’s a perfect place to play your favourite slot games with PayPal!


The truth of the matter is there are plenty of ways through which you could lose your identity online, so you’d like to minimize the list as possible. The more opportunities that you expose yourself to, the higher the chances that you’ll fall victim to cyber-crime. So why don’t you join a UK casino and join the ranks of players keeping their personal and financial information under wraps?

Game Selection

It would be ideal if the PayPal slot site you pick has a variety of themes that excite you from time and gain; Online Casinos that have monotonous and boring slots will soon lose their appeal, and you’ll find yourself searching for other better and entertaining versions. Mark my words!

Customer Service

Like with most of the decent online casino sites, every trustworthy site that supports it as a payment method should offer customer support services. Everything you need to know about gaming, bonuses or slot games, you’d do well by contacting them. Depending on a particular casino, the agents should be readily available for at least 16 hours a day. Those that are serious about customer support will offer 24/7 comprehensive support.

Times of Payout

The average transaction carried through PayPal is faster than the traditional banking channels. In fact, the payments are usually faster than even the other eWallets. While immediate competitors such as Skrill and Neteller take up to 8 hours to receive funds, withdrawals are paid out in a matter of hours – maximum four hours. Therefore, as you search for the best PayPal slot sites, ensure that the payout times are within the allowed limits.

Easy to use mobile app (and devices in general)

Nowadays, the majority of top casino sites UK offer mobile compatibility. It has become an industry standard. This means that you can play your favourite games from your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Therefore as you search for the best casino sites, ensure that it offers a mobile platform. Furthermore, try the platform first and see how well it performs with your device. There’s nothing as bad as playing on a difficult to navigate mobile casino or one that takes ages to load. After all, it only takes a second to win the Mega Jackpot!

A Practical Guide

So, how do you actualize making a deposit or withdrawal using PayPal as the payment method? It’s very easy. Very easy and straightforward. But before you can actually start conducting transactions at the online casino that accept deposits, you need to have an account with the eWallet (you can do all this in a record-breaking time anytime you are ready).

After this, you’ll have to connect your bank account with your PayPal account using your card (you’ll do this only once in your lifetime btw). Linking your bank account with your eWallet via your VISA card will enable you to deposit funds securely. After that, follow the steps below to complete your online slots PayPal deposit or withdrawal request.

Depositing at the Casino

  • Under the casino, click on the banking section

  • Find the button and click on it

  • Select the deposit button and enter the amount you’d like to deposit

  • Click next to re-direct to the website

  • Log in to your account

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your deposit

To Withdraw…

  • Click on the banking button

  • Select the withdraw option

  • Select it as your preferred option

  • Fill in all the required information to process your withdrawal request

PayPal Casino’s Equals Unparalleled Security

There’s one factor that sets online casinos that support it as a payment option from the others – and this is security. This is evident from the outgoing text. Therefore, instead of having to submit your card details to the online casino, using it will ensure that you never have to reveal information (financial info) to the casino directly.

In other words, when you choose to play at a casino, all your details remain anonymous and personal information private. This is, needless to say, the best news that any new player would like to hear. Also, starting to use it is easy and straightforward. Simply visit the cashier section, select the icon, pick the amount you’d like to wager and off you go – play responsibly and all the best!