Pay By Phone Bill Slot Sites

Do you remember growing up in the 90’s, envisioning how the future would be?

If you managed to watch Star Trek and played with your mates, using your parent’s old compact or something close to a ‘communicator’, just as Kirk and Spock did, will understand what I’m talking about.

Well, the good news is that we are officially living in the future, hurray! We now have the internet, tablets and smartphones that are being using for literally everything under the sun. From socializing, entertainment to paying for our groceries and night out.

So, why can’t we not use our smartphones to play slots and pay by phone bill? It makes a lot of sense if you think of it since the majority of us use our devices to enjoy the wide range of casino services. This concept is already in use and is popularly known as Pay by Phone Bill. Thanks to it, you can use your smartphone to quickly and safely deposit cash into your account online.

Top pay by phone bill slot sites


Due to the increased popularity and usage of Pay by Phone Bill, we’ve seen it wise to write a page dedicated to it. In this page, you’ll get a full breakdown on:

  • What pay by phone slot sites are

  • Top three payment options that you’ll come across if you pay by phone slots

  • How to set up the the payment option at the online casinos

  • The advantages and disadvantages of using it

  • Provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions

What is Pay By Phone Bill Casino?

Pay by Phone Bill casino is one of the payment options at the online casinos that enables you to make easy and fast deposits into your account. Thanks to this payment method, you can make your deposit with a click of a button through your smartphone with the remaining charge being billed to your smartphone.

The Most Used Pay By Phone Bill Services In UK

There are different payment options popping up in the industry. However, there are a few that are worth mentioning because the lead the pack. This section will look at these pay by phone slots  methods in details.

Boku Slots Pay By Phone Bill Option Online

Boku was founded in 2003, which means it has been around for more than a decade now. In fact, it was the first payment option, which makes it the most popular and renowned online. The company is a global leader in mobile billing and was established in collaboration with hundreds of other mobile networks globally. When it was founded, it developed a platform where merchants and consumers would interact. As it developed the platform, its main goal was to pool mobile usage and the bank grade payments tech into one expedient location.

How does Boku work? Well, it lets you purchase for the slots you can pay by phone bill directly from your mobile contract using only your phone number. You do not have to provide any personal or financial information, which makes it one of the safest payment options online. How you can set up your payment option will soon be looked at in the next section.


However, there are pay by phone slots no boku. Besides Boku, we also have Zimpler, which is a mobile payment enterprise based in Sweden and one that specializes in processing iGaming transactions. Like Boku, the unique services that Zimpler offers allows you to make direct deposits through your smartphone. All you need to complete this transaction is enter your phone number, pick Zimpler as your preferred payment option and verify yourself through Tupas or BankID.

Zimpler has made it very easy for you to enjoy slots pay by landline phone bill games across multiple slot sites. By incorporating Zimpler as one of their payment options, online casinos can easily focus on offering only the best gaming experience while making it easier for players to pay for the services. Zimpler has its offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm and is regulated by the Swedish FSA.

Pay for It

This is yet another popular mobile payment brand in the industry. Its popularity is evident by the number of online casinos that have integrated it into their platforms.

Contrary to how pay by phone slots no Boku and ZImpler work, PayforIt requires you to enter a 6-digit code that’s been randomly generated and texted to your phone each time you make a deposit. This means that you don’t have to reply to the text message, yet you are still able to make your payment securely using one code.

With that said, it’s worth mentioning that Payforit wont be held liable or accountable if someone authorizes a payment through your phone. This is because anyone with access to your text messages can easily authorize payments. Therefore, whilst you can minimize the risk with biometric safety measures or mobile passcodes, Payforit as payment method isn’t 100% secure.

Other payment options supported at slot sites that accept mobile billing:

  • SIRU Mobile

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • BT Bill

  • Casino Phone Bill

How to use Pay by Phone Bill – A Step by Step Guide to Depositing

So you are a ‘newbie’ to the play slots pay by phone bill scene . You are also finding this method a little bit too complicated for you and you are perhaps feeling a little bit intimidated. After all, is it 100% safe to use it? You might also be wondering – how will I keep track of all the expenditure? Will I have to sacrifice funds to make calls or browser through my Facebook and Twitter TL?

Of course any normal human being will have these questions in mind, especially if this is their first time using this payment option. After all, we know that there are so many mobile phone fraud stories. We’ve all heard of these stories where people have been caught in mobile phone scam. However, like anything that’s being transacted online, provided you’ve done your homework right, making your deposit will be hunky dory!

To deposit:

  1. Visit the cashier section and pick your most preferred ‘pay using phone credit slots’ option

  2. Enter the much you’d like to deposit

  3. Enter your phone number. The casino will send you a message

  4. Reply to the text message or enter the one time code to complete your transaction

You are all set to play!

So far, it sound like a pretty cool option, but what’s the catch?

In reality, there are no trap doors, no hidden clauses or catch that you need to worry about. Provided you are registered to any one of the top mobile brands EE, O2 or Vodafone, you can always use your smartphone to deposit into your must have online real money casino account!

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should use it as a payment option for online slots as well as a few negatives. Let’s quickly go through some of them.


  • It’s a safe and secure method of making payments
  • All deposits are processed instantly
  • There’s no incurring extra fees or charges on your transactions
  • You can opt to make the payment as you go or on a monthly basis – the choice is yours


  • You cannot use it to make withdrawals
  • Spending through this method is limited
  • There’s a limited number of online casinos that support the payment method – but the number if increasing significantly

Pay by Phone Bill – Setting New Trends for Slot Players

That’s about it – all the information you need to know about. As we summarize the article, two payment options have stood out – Zimpler and Boku. In addition to offering very low fees and fast payment times, there are online casinos that have bonuses for those who deposit using this method. So it’s up to you to search for these casinos or save your time and visit our top recommended sites.

Pay By Phone Bill FAQs

1. Is it safe to pay by phone bill at the casinos?

Fraud has always been a major concern today. The industry that’s being targeted today is one where money is involved – including online casinos. With this payment method you are assured of safety and security because you don’t have to provide any personal details – including your credit/debit card info. This makes it very impossible for someone to use this option without your authorization.

2. How can I withdraw my winnings?

It might be one of the easiest and convenient payment options to use at the casinos online but comes with a major drawback – you cannot use it to withdraw your winnings. Whether it’s Zimpler, Payforit, Boku or any other option, they simply don’t support withdrawals.

Consequently, using it is never enough as. You’ll have to compliment it with other payment options such as Skrill, Neteller or PayPal.

3. Are there any limits imposed on the payment option?

Not only will you notice that there’s no withdrawal option, but pay by phone casino deposit is also flawed. The main disadvantage of using this payment option when depositing at the casinos is the limits imposed on it. Of course, even the other payment options at the casino have limits but as far as the pay by phone bill slots option is concerned, you can only deposit €20, €10, €5 or €3. As a matter of fact, the maximum that you can deposit in a single day is capped at €30.

The negative side of this is that it significantly lowers the amount that one can deposit, which is a bad thing for high rollers. On the brighter side, it prevents players from overspending their money, which is a good thing for those who have problematic gambling.