Interac Slot Sites

Transacting with speed, convenience and most importantly, security is crucial in ensuring that you have a good time gambling online. You want to make instant deposits, play and withdraw your winnings whenever you want. And while there are plenty of payment options in the iGaming industry, none suits Canadians best like Interac. This is a fast, secure and easy to use age-old payment option offering tailored services to Canadian players.

In true Slots Lad fashion, this page has been created to keep it real, and bring you up to speed on all you need to know about Interac slot sites. This includes pointing you to the best online casinos avec interact, how to use this method at the casinos among other useful information. After all, as far as depositing your hard earned money and withdrawing your winnings, you should be fully knowledgeable about the payment option you pick!

Best Interac Slot Sites

With more than 100 million users located across Canada and the world at large, it comes as no surprise that Interac is one of the most popular payments used to make online transactions, including at the casinos. If you are searching for the best slot sites that accept Interac, you are seconds away from a list of reputable, safe and secure sites. These slot sites have been picked based on a number of factors including the ability to accept the Canadian dollar as the main currency, their deposit and withdrawal limits, transactions time and overall service delivery.


Which Canadian Banks accept Interac Casino Payments?

Before looking at the Canadian banks that accept Interact casino payments, it’s important that we first understand what exactly Interac is all about. This is because some confuse it for an eWallet like Skrill or PayPal, which it is not. Others think it’s a third-party company such as iDebit, which it is not either.

What Interac is, is a veil! It plays the role of a screen between the casinos sites that accept Interac and bank accounts, which the players are moving their cash from. It is a service that was built back in 1984 by five of the largest Canadian banks in a bid to ‘connect Canadians with their cash anywhere, anytime’. These banks include:

  • RBC – Royal Bank of Canada
  • CIBC – Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • TD – Toronto-Dominion Bank
  • Scotiabank
  • Desjardins

As you can imagine, at the time of the company’s formation, the internet let along technology to offer online services wasn’t available. Yet, they managed to offer their services to Canadians throughout the country unwaveringly.

Today, the company has more than 59,000 ATM machines located in more than 450,000, and supports Interact debit payments. It has also incorporated more than 80 banking organizations in Canada and other parts of the world, enabling it to facilitate money across online platforms including online casinos. It’s incorporation to online casinos enables users to play slots with Interac and withdraw their winnings with ease.

How does Interac Work – Interac Online vs. Interac eTrasfer

Historically, Interac has had two payment providers – Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation. These two offered different services up until 2018 when they were merged into one – Interac Corp. Even then, the company offers services in two separate arms:

  • Interac Online – It was the first of Interac’s services to go online in 2005 and uses Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) protocol to process the transactions. The whole process mimics that of writing a physical cheque, and as you know, a cheque transaction can take days to be processed. However, on the surface, the transaction is similar to holding your money up to a beam of light, which is directly linked to casinos sites that accept Interac. This is how fast the bank relays the message that the cash is available, giving the online casino the go-ahead to credit your account
  • Interac eTrasfer – eTransfers are equally as easy to complete. From the online casino’s payments page, pick Interac as your preferred option. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit. Pick one of the banking institutions available on the list. This will redirect you to the official website where you always conduct all of your usual banking services from. Log into your account and approve the payment and by the time you’ll be redirecting back to the online casino account, you’ll find the funds waiting for you

How to Make a Deposit Using Interac?

Payments made using Interac at the canadian slot sites are safe, secure and fast. As long as you are visiting a reputable site, there’s nothing to worry about the safety and security of your personal information. To make a deposit, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Log in to your online casino account and visit the cashier/payments page
  • Step 2: Select Interac as your preferred payment option
  • Step 3: Enter the amount of cash that you’d like to deposit. While doing so, keep in mind the casino’s limits
  • Step 4: A pop up message will appear asking you to proceed to Interac. Click on ‘Continue to Interac’ to be redirected to the secure instant banking page
  • Step 5: Confirm the transaction to complete it

Take note that transactions at the Interac slot sites are usually processed instantly.

Can I Play Slots From My Mobile And Deposit With Interac?

Yes, it’s possible to play slots with Interac and deposit with Interac using your mobile phone. In fact, the process of priming your casino account with funds and playing the games follows the same procedure as on your PC.

Can I Deposit Canadian Dollars To An Interac Casino?

As a Canadian friendly payment option, it would only make sense for Interac to offer Canadian players an opportunity to carry out their transactions using CAD as the primary currency. So, yes, as long as you are playing at online casinos that accept Interac as a payment option, you can use the CAD to make deposits.

How to Withdraw From A Slot Site Using Interac?

Congratulations – you’ve just managed to bag the jackpot of your dreams at one of the slot sites that use Interac and your account balance has just shot up! Now, how will you process the wins so that you can get to blow the mega bucks that you’ve just won? Like the deposits, it all begins from the casino’s banking menu…

Step 1: Click on the withdraw option

Step 2: Pick Interac as your preferred payment option

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction

Unlike deposits, Interac withdrawals take 4-6 business days depending on the online casino you are playing from.

Why use Interac at online casinos?


  • Simple to Use
  • Safe & Secure Transactions
  • Instant deposits
  • Low fees
  • Supports the Canadian dollar for deposits


  • High minimum deposit requirement set at CAD$25.
  • For online casino players, only Canadians can use it
  • For CIBC customers, you can’t deposit using Interac at the casino

Best Interac Casino Bonuses for Canadians

There are good things, great things and then there are superlative things! Casino bonuses, which can only be claimed online, fall in the latter category. Canadians can easily claim bonuses online, but only after meeting certain conditions. One such condition is signing up at a casino and making a deposit.

By depositing using Interac at the highlighted online casinos, you qualify for several deposit bonuses including the match deposit bonus. Other bonuses that you can pick include free spins, reload bonuses, among many others.

Besides the bonuses, the listed casinos below offer an all inclusive online casino experience. This means a diversified game portfolio, round the clock customer support services, competitive bonus amounts (with very friendly terms and conditions) not forgetting to mention services tailored for Canadian players.


For different reasons, Canadian casino players are opting to use Interac over other payment providers. This is mostly because the company has a strong and well known history of being associated with some of the oldest banks in the country as well as working round the clock to ensure personal and financial information for its members is never compromised or shared with online casinos.